Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Memorial School Talent Show-Wow!

 Memorial had an amazing student talent show on Thursday.  Students of all ages were represented and all showed great bravery in performing in front of the whole school! A HUGE thank you to all the Memorial Staff (Talent Show Crew) that put in a lot of effort to make the show such a success for our students. Below are some of fifth grade's moments. Congratulations to all. 

 The amazing Talent Show Crew ready to go...                            One of our hosts.... Riley 
Desmond and the first grade dancers.

                                                 Performers waiting to go on.....

                                                             A  Magic Trick ....

                                                         Some dancers.....
                                                 Another one of our hosts....Joey

Some music from "Hamilton" The Schuyler Sisters

An Amazing Drum Solo by Evan

                                                      The audience enjoying the show.
                                   A grand finale involving all performers that got everyone dancing.

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