Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5th Grade Photos Needed by March 1rst!

5TH GRADE “MEMORY BOOK” This is an exciting time for our children as they enjoy their last year at Memorial School. We are in the process of creating a Memory Book and our focus is on gathering photographs for it. If you have photos of our current 5th graders from grades k-5 – individual, small group, or large group – at Memorial or a previous school – sharing them with us will help to make the book even more special for our fifth graders. We will be taking pictures of the fifth graders at school for their personal memory book page, but we also ask that you send in a baby picture or toddler picture and a favorite photo of themselves from any time or place or age (vacation/school/sports, etc.). We ask that you send in the pictures by March 1st in order to get them formatted into the Memory Book. (Please see today’s backpack folder for additional information.)
If you would like to be involved in the Memory Book Committee, please contact Susan Lavacchia at Thank you for your help and cooperation in making this year’s Memory Book an extra-special one for the first fifth grade class to “graduate” from the new Memorial School! -- Fifth Grade Memory Book Committee

Winter Recess

Winter Recess

Dear Parents,

Winter Recess comes with students sometimes falling in the snow and mud.  Sometimes this results in wet pants, socks, etc.  Please send in an extra pair of pants to keep in their locker....just in case :)

Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately (hat, mittens, winter jacket) for outdoor play at recess. The children will be going out each day, unless temperatures are unreasonably cold.