Friday, September 23, 2011

Backpack Folders Go Home on Fridays!

Backpack Folders go home every Friday. They are dark blue and will contain the week's worth of notices from the school. Look for it in your child's backpack over the weekend. Backpack Folders are returned on Monday to be used again. If you did not attend the Open House last night, a white folder with information also came home today.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reading Logs

Homework Alert!

5th Graders have been assigned reading logs and are required to read 20 min. every night M-TH and once over the weekend for 20 minutes. Students are responsible for recording the title of the book (once), # of minutes read, # of pages read and a parent's initials every night.

Students are required to turn in their reading logs daily as we are working on becoming more responsible for our own assignments. Students can read more than 20 minutes a night if they wish, but that is the minimum requirement. Students are to read 5th grade level books: NO magazines, comic books, graphic novels or newspapers....chapter books only for the reading logs. Any questions, please contact Mrs. Burns.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bournedale Reminder Notice

Camp Bournedale is this Tuesday  and Wednesday the 13th and 14th!

Please read the following notice carefully!!

1) Your child will NOT be able to ride the bus to school on Tuesday with their luggage. There is not enough room on the regular school bus for the luggage and all the students. Please arrange to have your child and luggage dropped off at Memorial no later than 8AM.  We will be meeting under the big tree that is on the left hand side of the school.  Please take a left over to that tree once you enter the parking lot. This is where we will be meeting the U-Haul truck, bring your child’s luggage right to the sidewalk in front of the tree to be checked in and then continue into the side door to the cafeteria.

2) ALL luggage must be clearly labeled with their name and “Memorial”. (Sleeping bags and pillows should be inside a trash bag with name and school clearly labeled on outside if not stored in luggage).

3) If your child takes medication it needs to be put in a plastic zip lock bag with your child’s name and instructions on the outside of the bag. Please give this medication bag to a teacher in the morning as you check in your camper. (Make sure meds are in original prescription containers.)

4) Your child will need to be picked up at Memorial at 1:30 PM on Wednesday, September 14th. They will NOT be able to take the regular dismissal bus with their luggage. Please contact Mrs. Burns with any questions. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Great First Day!

The students had a great first day in Room 232! We were the very first class EVER to have a gym class in our new gym. Our gym teachers are Lynda Bannon and George Peterson. We took a tour of our big beautiful school, played some games to remember all our names, did some math and writing about ourselves and even had a scavenger hunt! Today backpack folders went home with forms to be filled out and returned and the students have a "brown bag" homework assignment due Friday. (see hw tab.)

**Please Note** 5th Grade does not go to lunch until 12:30!! Make sure to have a good breakfast and pack a hearty snack so our students won't be starving before lunch.  We plan on having a working snack at @ 10 AM each day.