Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today the fifth-graders read aloud their Thankful Speeches to parents and friends. Students had been working on writing about reasons they have to be thankful.  Students were practicing public speaking skills such as clarity, rate, poise, and eye contact.  Click on a student's name above to watch their speech.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where is My Composite Class Photograph?

Hello All,
School photo orders that went home on Wednesday did not include the composite class photo due to the high number of absences on photo day. The photo re-take day is November 21rst. After all the students photographs have been taken, a composite class photo will go home to all students who purchased photos.
Many students were concerned about the "loss" of their composite class photo on Wednesday....it's coming!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vocabulary Parade Photos!

Our Vocabulary Parade on Friday was a great success! This year it was a MUCH bigger parade with 11 classrooms of students from 3rd, 4th and 5th grade...that's a little over 200 kids and vocab. words!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Goodbye Mr. Pap!

Science Show Today

Mr. Papadonis came to say goodbye to all of the Memorial students and staff today. He put on one last fantastic Science show! He introduced the students to his replacement, Mr. Musselman during the show. Mr. Pap, Mr. Musselman and Ms. Pavlicek performed the famous "floating lady" trick. Fifth graders, Sophie, Luke and Matt helped Mr. Pap with an experiment involving a Tessla coil and electricity!

Friday, October 14, 2011

New School Hours Starts Monday!

Beginning Monday, October 17th, school will officially begin at 8:10, with students entering the building from 7:55 on. Dismissal time will be at 2:15. Drop off and pick up procedures will remain the same even though the times will be different.

The change in dismissal time will mean that students arrive home at least 15 to 20 minutes earlier. Once again, Memorial's school hours will change beginning Monday, October 17th. We will officially start at 8:10 in the morning, and end at 2:15 in the afternoon. We anticipate that this will improve transportation to and from Memorial School.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Backpack Folders Go Home on Fridays!

Backpack Folders go home every Friday. They are dark blue and will contain the week's worth of notices from the school. Look for it in your child's backpack over the weekend. Backpack Folders are returned on Monday to be used again. If you did not attend the Open House last night, a white folder with information also came home today.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reading Logs

Homework Alert!

5th Graders have been assigned reading logs and are required to read 20 min. every night M-TH and once over the weekend for 20 minutes. Students are responsible for recording the title of the book (once), # of minutes read, # of pages read and a parent's initials every night.

Students are required to turn in their reading logs daily as we are working on becoming more responsible for our own assignments. Students can read more than 20 minutes a night if they wish, but that is the minimum requirement. Students are to read 5th grade level books: NO magazines, comic books, graphic novels or newspapers....chapter books only for the reading logs. Any questions, please contact Mrs. Burns.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bournedale Reminder Notice

Camp Bournedale is this Tuesday  and Wednesday the 13th and 14th!

Please read the following notice carefully!!

1) Your child will NOT be able to ride the bus to school on Tuesday with their luggage. There is not enough room on the regular school bus for the luggage and all the students. Please arrange to have your child and luggage dropped off at Memorial no later than 8AM.  We will be meeting under the big tree that is on the left hand side of the school.  Please take a left over to that tree once you enter the parking lot. This is where we will be meeting the U-Haul truck, bring your child’s luggage right to the sidewalk in front of the tree to be checked in and then continue into the side door to the cafeteria.

2) ALL luggage must be clearly labeled with their name and “Memorial”. (Sleeping bags and pillows should be inside a trash bag with name and school clearly labeled on outside if not stored in luggage).

3) If your child takes medication it needs to be put in a plastic zip lock bag with your child’s name and instructions on the outside of the bag. Please give this medication bag to a teacher in the morning as you check in your camper. (Make sure meds are in original prescription containers.)

4) Your child will need to be picked up at Memorial at 1:30 PM on Wednesday, September 14th. They will NOT be able to take the regular dismissal bus with their luggage. Please contact Mrs. Burns with any questions. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Great First Day!

The students had a great first day in Room 232! We were the very first class EVER to have a gym class in our new gym. Our gym teachers are Lynda Bannon and George Peterson. We took a tour of our big beautiful school, played some games to remember all our names, did some math and writing about ourselves and even had a scavenger hunt! Today backpack folders went home with forms to be filled out and returned and the students have a "brown bag" homework assignment due Friday. (see hw tab.)

**Please Note** 5th Grade does not go to lunch until 12:30!! Make sure to have a good breakfast and pack a hearty snack so our students won't be starving before lunch.  We plan on having a working snack at @ 10 AM each day.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cedardale Field Trip

On Friday, June 17, 2011, the Fifth Grade students will be going on a field trip to Cedardale in Groveland, MA.  Cedardale is an outdoor facility that offers swimming, softball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, whiffle ball (in a Mini-Fenway Park!) and miniature golf.  The trip takes place rain or shine.  We will be leaving Memorial School at 8:30am and returning approximately at 3:45pm.  Please note that this is after dismissal time and you will need to pick up your student in the Memorial School parking lot.
            Cedardale is offering an A la Carte Menu for students and chaperones if they wish to purchase their lunch at Cedardale.  This is not included in the field trip price.  The menu is attached and a packing list will be sent home as we get closer to our trip.
            We will need at least 14 CORIed chaperones to make this trip successful.  CORI paperwork can be filled out at the business office at the High School.  It typically takes 2-3 business weeks to process.  Since this is a trip for the fifth graders, please do not bring other siblings.
            The price of this field trip is $15.00- this includes the gate fee, bus, unlimited beverages and an ice cream.  Thanks to the PTO, they have defrayed many of the costs.  Checks must be made out to: Memorial Elementary School.
            Signed permission slips and payment must be returned by Wednesday, June 8th
**Look for the yellow permission slip in backpacks...already went home!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Science MCAS Tomorrow

The 5th graders will be taking the Science & Technology MCAS tomorrow, Thursday, May 19th and Friday, May 20th. Please remind your student to get a good nights' rest and
eat a good breakfast so they will have the energy to take this longer test.

Thanks, Mrs. Burns

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fieldtrip Tomorrow!

 Fieldtrip Reminder Notice
·       Fieldtrip Tomorrow: Concord & Lexington
·       Students should wear their red D.A.R.E Burlington T-Shirts and sneakers.
·       Students will need to bring a lunch in paper bag- no glass bottles.
·       Students need to be dressed to be outside –for all kinds of weather.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Math MCAS Tomorrow and Wednesday

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 10th and Wednesday, May 11th the 5th graders
will be taking the Math MCAS.   We remind students to get a good nights' rest and
eat a good breakfast so they will have the energy to take this longer test.

Monday, April 11, 2011

American Revolution Social Studies Projects

Our American Revolution projects were assigned the week of March 21 & 22nd.  Each 5th grader has been given a secret identity of a person who played a role in the American Revolution. Our 5th graders have all been given library books and websites to research their person and the question their person has to answer.  Mrs. Burns has checked status sheets and research organizers to make sure they have the right information.  Next, due this week on Thursday (115) and Friday for (116) they have a draft of their story they are telling.  This story should be in the first person and should tell a little about their person but mostly to answer the question thier person was assigned to tell.  Students final drafts are due 4/25 for all classes.  Costumes and final drafts and presentations will be on Thursday, April 28th (115) and April 29th for (116).

Below is an example of what a story would look like:

(Person : Nancy Morgan Hart   Question: What role did I play in the American Revolution?)

I was a patriot spy even though I am a woman. I used to work for the local militia. When the women and children were relocated to Tennesee, I decided to stay back in Georgia with my husband. You ight may also want to know that I can handle a rifle as well as any man.

I helped get a good deal of valuable information from the British. I obtained this information by dressing up as a man and entering a British camp. Some of the information I had gathered proved to be useful by helping the patriots , General Elijah Clark win the battle of Kettle Creek. Once in a order to get the location of an enemy camp in Carolina, I crossed and recrossed the Savannah River.

I was a mother of eight children. I am a plain red head with a lot of freckles. I survived small pox which shows on my face since I have so many scars. I am six feel tall . I am often described as a "honey of a patriot but a devil of a wife." The Cherokee even named a creek near me Wahatchee Creek which means war women creek.

There was one time when five or six Tories invaded my house and demanded to be fed. In my opinion, this was none other than outragerous!  I exlained to them that I did not have anything to feed them. I only had a turkey which was old. One of the tories shot the turkey that I clearly pointed out to be old. The men then insisted, once again to be fed. Even though I was outragedm I agreed to feed them, not wanting to make trouble for my thirteen year-old daughter, Sukey.

As I led the filthy Tories into my house, they started to brag among themsleves about how they had killed Colonel Dooley in his bed. How dare they! Awareness of this violent act infuriated me as Colonel Dooley was my good friend and neighbor. I quickly decided  that I would avenge my good friend's death.  I brought out some corn whiskey and gave ot to those sinners causing them to become tipsey. I found this a great opportunity to snatch the Tories' muskets/ I sent Sukey to sound the conch shell to alert every one that the British had invaded my house. Once Sukey had returned, I started to pass the muskets outside a hole in the wall.

I had gotten three muskets outside the house when the Tories noticed what I was doing. They started to move toward me, so I rapidly picked up a musket and pointed the single-shot weapon at the Loyalists. One of the men reached out for a weapon and I shot him on the spot where the weakling died. I quickly picked up another musket. Another of the men made the same attempt but I shot him as well, merely injuring him. By the time my neighbors and husband had reached the cabin and explained what happened they said these Tories should be shot. I however, had a different opinion and demanded they should be hung, since , in my view, shooting was too good for them. Exactly, what I wanted to happen happened. My husband and neighbors and I watched as the helpless fellows met their punishment. Can you guess who I am?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Report Museum

We have had a Book Report Museum on display in our room and in the hallway for students to be able to view all the wonderful visuals the students created for their non-fiction book reports! If your son/daughter has a "hard to transport" model or poster they will be available for pick up the night of the D.A.R.E. graduation this Monday night, March 14th.Below are photographs of all the Final Fives projects:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MCBA Celebration!

                  The Final Fives celebrate the end to their MCBA Challenge! Every student read 5 or more MCBA books and one student....read all 25!  Our 5th graders are amazing!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MCBA Voting Party Lunch Tomorrow!

Massachusetts Children's Book Award

Tomorrow the 4th and 5th graders who have read 5 or more MCBA books will be able to vote for their favorite. A pizza lunch will also be served. Any student who wishes to vote but does not want pizza may still attend the luncheon but bring their own lunch.  Congratulations to all our readers!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Respect Assembly

5th Graders presented a Pillars of Character Assembly on Respect to the school today.
Click on the links below to watch parts of our assembly

Introductory Speakers

115 Had Two Students Selected to Read Their Essays on Respect

Students Sang the D.A.R.E Song -Its About Respecting Ourselves

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Non-Fiction Book Reports Assigned

Today in Library, a non-fiction book report was assigned.  The report is due on March 1rst along with a poster, model, or other visual.  Students were given an opportunity to look for a book that interests them.  They have a week to look for a book (either at school or public library) and their book choice needs to be approved by Mrs. Burns by February 1rst.  Students were given a "project calendar" to help keep them on track.  Please see Mrs. Burns for any questions.

Non-fiction Book Report Assignment Sheet
Non-fiction Book Report Project Calendar