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Subtracting Mixed Numbers Video:
Subtracting Mixed #
Subtract Mixed Numbers Video #2

Algebra Games

Arches National Park
Hiking Trails Information
Divisibility Rules!
Game- Test Yourself!

Vector Kids

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Wingbeat Chart

Exponents Basketball

What Parents Can Do to Help Their Student Get Stronger in Math?
Click below to see the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Guide
NCTM Family Guide

How to measure an angle using a protractor

Brain Rush Game: Geometry Vocab.

Brain Rush Game: Quadrilaterals

Brain Rush Game: Truth-or-Lie Quadrilaterals

Brain Rush Game: Triangles

Roller Coaster Challenge Link: Roller Coasters

Great Trails Article

Pacific Crest Trail

Continental Divide Trail

Appalachian Trail

Trail Maps

Stock Market Videos
What is a mutual fund?

What is a bond?

Invest like Warren Buffet
Multiplication Methods Videos-

Watch 2 of the methods below and write out the last problem the teacher solves in their video.

Traditional Method

Box Method

Lattice Method

Partial Products Method

Image result for national park service logo National Park Decimal Challenge
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The Stock Market Game !

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The Stock Market Game

What Would You Do with $100,000?

The SIFMA Foundation & Stock Market Game

Stock Markets in Plain English

Brainpop: What is a Stock Market?

How to find ticker symbol for a company?

Math Games Link:

Decimal Games from Game Day games
Decimals of the Carribean
Death to Decimals:

Link for Pearl Diver Game:

Link for Math Vocabulary Quiz

Link for Math Homework 

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Mean, Median, Mode Games:
Skyscraper Game:
Bamzook Game:
Quia Quiz:
Snork's Long Division Game:
Division Facts Practice Homework:

Know Your Facts! : 

On-Line Math Program:

Challenge Yourself :

(Interactive Pre-Algebra games)
(Absurd Math-problem solving game series)