Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Celebrating Holidays Around the World

Mrs. Burns ELA Class completed their Holiday Around the World presentations this week. Students chose a country they wanted to research and then pretended they had an exchange student staying with them for the holidays. How would they be able to incorporate some of their exchange student's customs and traditions? 5th Grade investigators found out! Here's what we all learned.

Holidays in Armenia By Jon

Chinese New Year By Janice

Holidays in Denmark By Alan M

Diwali By Parker

Holidays in France By Natalie

A Greek Christmas By Pari

Christmas in Greece  By Emerson

Novena in Italy  By Lauren

A Japanese Christmas By Alex L

New Zealand Christmas By Tony

Christmas in Portugal By Taylor

Sweden Holiday By Nolan

Christmas in Ukraine By Angelique

Wiglia in Poland By Talia

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