Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Field Day Tomorrow!

5th Grade All Day Helpers Report at 7AM by the gym doors in the butterfly garden and then to the field.  Session 1 Helpers go to homerooms and bring lunch and towels to the cafeteria before reporting to straight to the field.  Session 2 should leave lunch in cafe prior to going onto the Water Slide for 10 AM. 

Remember to bring tomorrow: towel, lunch, extra snack and drink, wear sunscreen to school!  (optional) grocery bag for wet clothes, change of clothes, sunglasses.

5th Grade Schedule:
7AM-      All Day Helpers Report
8:20 AM- Session 1 Helpers Report to Field
10:00- 10:45 AM- Water Slide Time for 5th Grade
10:50 - Session 2, Session 1 and All Day Helpers Report to Field
11- 12:20 Session 2 Field Day, Grades 3,4,5
12:20 Field Clean Up- Grades 4&5
12:30- Picnic Lunch
1:20 - 1:40 Leaky Bucket Relay Race
1:40- Homerooms, Field Day Ribbons

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