Wednesday, May 4, 2016

JogNog Success

JogNog Congrats to the Red Panthers in Room 232! Mrs. Burns Class have been working on a series of Science review quizzes to help us get ready for the Science MCAS in a few weeks.  The students have been logging onto a website called JogNog that has English, Math, Science, History and Enrichment. We have been focusing on the Grades 3-5 Science quizzes.

We just started on April 25th and Memorial Elementary has already received 500 Towers in 8 school days! The students earn a tower after the successfully pass a quiz 90% or higher.  There are currently 397 Elementary and Middle Schools enrolled in the Tower Challenge and Memorial is already ranked 82! Some of these schools have towers in the thousands because they have been doing them all school year - we have been doing it for 1 and 1/2 weeks. Students have been competing on these quizzes as morning work, limited Science class time and as optional homework practice.

On May 13th, our JogNog Challenge will be over and the Top 10 scorers on our leader board will receive a prize.  Stay Tuned...             

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