Monday, February 22, 2016

Our Postcards from Poland Have Arrived!!

Our pen pals at The Canadian School of Warsaw in Warsaw, Poland finally arrived today! We have been posting, blogging and writing to our pen pals in Ms. Jasienska and Ms. Broda's 5th grade classrooms since we read "Fish in a Tree" with them during the Global Read Aloud last October.  Our Burlington students researched "fun facts" about Boston, MA and sent postcards with who their favorite character was in the "Fish in the Tree" books right before Christmas.  The Polish students made their own postcards, wrote facts about their Polish site and their favorite characters in English!  The students received them today and were very excited to get mail. We have been very patient as I explained English is not the Polish students' first language so a lot of effort was shown! We are learning a lot about Warsaw and Poland.

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