Monday, January 11, 2016

National Geography Bee Preliminary Rounds Update

ONLY 13 Left !!  The second preliminary round was held today in Mrs. Burns classroom and these are the 5th graders who will be advancing:

Congratulations to Inesh, Layla, Rithikh, Jayce, Mihir, Fabiola, Julia C, Christian, Michaela, Noyal, Isaiah, Ryan C and Connor who will be continuing onto the next round....

Next Preliminary Round:
Thursday, January 21st-  Lunch & Recess ( 11:15 AM -12:10 PM)
-study using the Nat Geo Bee App and using the Nat Geo Bee website- Daily Quizzes and Study Corner

Round 6: Odd One Out
Teacher says: Round 6 is called Odd One Out, and you will be asked about countries around the world. You will be given a choice of three answers, and you must choose the one answer that does not belong. Here is an example: Which country does not border the Pacific Ocean—United States, Mexico, or France? The answer is France. Both the United States and Mexico border the Pacific Ocean, but France does not.

(If Needed….some questions may come from here )
Round 7: Awesome Adventures Teacher says: The best way to learn about the world is to experience it firsthand! Round 7 is called Awesome Adventures and highlights adventurous places and things to do all over the world. You will be asked to name a country and you will not receive a choice of answers

FINAL ROUND to determine Memorial School Champion:
Thursday, January 28th-  Lunch & Recess ( 11:15 AM -12:10 PM)
  • These Final Round Questions are short answer not multiple choice.
  • There will be a Final Round until there 2 Finalists and then it moves to a Championship Round between the 2 Last Finalists

 Good Luck to Everyone!

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