Monday, April 11, 2011

American Revolution Social Studies Projects

Our American Revolution projects were assigned the week of March 21 & 22nd.  Each 5th grader has been given a secret identity of a person who played a role in the American Revolution. Our 5th graders have all been given library books and websites to research their person and the question their person has to answer.  Mrs. Burns has checked status sheets and research organizers to make sure they have the right information.  Next, due this week on Thursday (115) and Friday for (116) they have a draft of their story they are telling.  This story should be in the first person and should tell a little about their person but mostly to answer the question thier person was assigned to tell.  Students final drafts are due 4/25 for all classes.  Costumes and final drafts and presentations will be on Thursday, April 28th (115) and April 29th for (116).

Below is an example of what a story would look like:

(Person : Nancy Morgan Hart   Question: What role did I play in the American Revolution?)

I was a patriot spy even though I am a woman. I used to work for the local militia. When the women and children were relocated to Tennesee, I decided to stay back in Georgia with my husband. You ight may also want to know that I can handle a rifle as well as any man.

I helped get a good deal of valuable information from the British. I obtained this information by dressing up as a man and entering a British camp. Some of the information I had gathered proved to be useful by helping the patriots , General Elijah Clark win the battle of Kettle Creek. Once in a order to get the location of an enemy camp in Carolina, I crossed and recrossed the Savannah River.

I was a mother of eight children. I am a plain red head with a lot of freckles. I survived small pox which shows on my face since I have so many scars. I am six feel tall . I am often described as a "honey of a patriot but a devil of a wife." The Cherokee even named a creek near me Wahatchee Creek which means war women creek.

There was one time when five or six Tories invaded my house and demanded to be fed. In my opinion, this was none other than outragerous!  I exlained to them that I did not have anything to feed them. I only had a turkey which was old. One of the tories shot the turkey that I clearly pointed out to be old. The men then insisted, once again to be fed. Even though I was outragedm I agreed to feed them, not wanting to make trouble for my thirteen year-old daughter, Sukey.

As I led the filthy Tories into my house, they started to brag among themsleves about how they had killed Colonel Dooley in his bed. How dare they! Awareness of this violent act infuriated me as Colonel Dooley was my good friend and neighbor. I quickly decided  that I would avenge my good friend's death.  I brought out some corn whiskey and gave ot to those sinners causing them to become tipsey. I found this a great opportunity to snatch the Tories' muskets/ I sent Sukey to sound the conch shell to alert every one that the British had invaded my house. Once Sukey had returned, I started to pass the muskets outside a hole in the wall.

I had gotten three muskets outside the house when the Tories noticed what I was doing. They started to move toward me, so I rapidly picked up a musket and pointed the single-shot weapon at the Loyalists. One of the men reached out for a weapon and I shot him on the spot where the weakling died. I quickly picked up another musket. Another of the men made the same attempt but I shot him as well, merely injuring him. By the time my neighbors and husband had reached the cabin and explained what happened they said these Tories should be shot. I however, had a different opinion and demanded they should be hung, since , in my view, shooting was too good for them. Exactly, what I wanted to happen happened. My husband and neighbors and I watched as the helpless fellows met their punishment. Can you guess who I am?