Monday, November 1, 2010

Math Facts Log

November 1, 2010  (This letter went home with students today)

Dear Parent(s),

Welcome to November! We are getting ready to increase the level of homework now that our 5th graders are used to the schedules and courses by now.  Our goal for 5th grade is to get them to the one hour a night level so that the students will be better prepared for the homework demands of middle school.

Today we are starting a Math Facts Log which is yellow and can be found under the November Reading Log.  Students were shown today the many different ways they can practice their math facts at home.  They can use one of the many different websites listed on my blog under Math as well as the Memorial Math Tutors Blog (link on Mrs. Burns’ Blog). They can make/use flash cards, play games from school (Multiplication Compare) or even play Multiplication War using regular playing cards. They can practice with friends or make-up practice tests on the facts they need to practice.

Every night they will need to write on their Math Facts Log:

1)     How they studied
2)     How long they studied for
3)     Their parent’s initials.

The goal is to study for 10-15 minutes a night.  As you are signing their reading log every night anyway just flip the page and also initial the yellow Math Facts log.  We appreciate your support!