Read Our Non-Fiction Magazines:
Students were tasked with writing 5 different styles of non-fiction text: Compare/Contrast, Description, Sequence/Chronology, Problem/Solution, and Cause& Effect. See if you can guess the articles's structure....
The Bear of the North by Alex L                                   The Beast Within by Nolan

 Dogs and Gods by Andrew                                   Eat, Sleep, Cheer, Repeat by Talia                      

  Fab, Fantastic Football by Lauren                                   Furry & Squeaking By Maddi                    

Hoops There It Is by Taylor                                      Jaws of the Deep by Parker

 Musical Madness by Emerson                            Need for Speed by Mrs. B.  
                                              The Night Howler by Natalie  

Walking Gears by Tony                                              What Matters by Janice

What Turtles Do by Althan                              The World of Art by Angelique

Poetry Review Video:

Design Your Own Magazine !!
       On any Non-Fiction Topic
Pick a topic you are really interested in learning about!!
𝤿Step 1: Explore/examine multiple magazine examples
𝤿Step 2: Explore Non-fiction topic ideas at Memorial and/or Burlington Public Library
𝤿Step 3: Pick a topic and get Mrs. Burns approval
𝤿Step 4: Research your topic! You will need at least 3 resources: 1 book reference, and 2 others from either reliable Internet sites, periodicals, newspapers, etc.
𝤿Step 5: Decide if are you creating your magazine on Book Creator, Explain Everything or Using Paper Materials?                     All articles are to be typed.
𝤿Step 6: Use Your Nonfiction Text Structures & Features Sheet to help you decide what kind of article you want to write first.    Write first article in class.
𝤿Step 7: Article 2 is  for homework and due February 10th
𝤿Step 8: Article 3 is written in class
𝤿 Step 9: Article 4 is for homework and due February 17th
𝤿 Step 10: Design your magazine cover, and start placing your articles in your magazine with the text features outlined in your Nonfiction Text Structures & Features  sheet
𝤿Step 11: Article 5 is for homework and due March 3rd
𝤿Step 12: Design a minimum 5 question quiz about information in your magazine.  Should NOT all be answered from one article- NOT all simple questions.
𝤿 Last Step:
Place all articles in your magazine and proofread, proofread!!

All Published Magazines are due on Monday, March 6th!!

Magazine Checklist:
𝤿All Magazines will need 5 Articles with one article each in a different text structure.
𝤿All Magazines need at least 2 pictures with captions
𝤿 All Magazines need a title
𝤿 All Magazines need a diagram, map, timeline or chart included
𝤿All Magazines need a glossary
𝤿 All Magazines need different types of print (bold, italics, highlighted) shown in magazine

𝤿 All Magazines need a sidebar or fun facts

KidBLOG Links:
KidBlog ELA Class

Vocabulary Resources:
Word Central

The Brother's Grimm: Rumpelstiltskin 

Read here

What's in a name?
Meanings of Names
Behind the Name

Idiom Games- practice for your idioms quiz.

Idiom Game

Idioms Games

Holiday Glogster Research Project Rubric

Everest Video (for Vocab. Story Inspiration)

Christmas Around the World Video

Padlet Predictions

Click here for 14th Goldfish Words Ch. 1-5
Type in grade5Memorial into Search Bar up top
Select: 14th Goldfish Words

Edison's Gold Quiz

How to Log ON.....

Wordly Wise Vocabulary.....
1) Go to google and type in EPS student sign on
2) Click on first link
3)Select Memorial Elem, Burlington, MA from drop down window of schools
4)type in student's firstname and last name all together lowercase with no spaces
for username * Note some students its lastnamefirstname
5) password is : password(#) students given a # to add after password no spaces or ().
Hit Log On; Students also have their log on information on a red card given them in Reading.

Google Drive ( in order to access students documents at home)
1) Go to and select Drive from above menu
2) sign on using their and then the student's own password
3) this will bring them to their documents and then can open and work on at home.
**Note: they are not emailing using this username just accessing their own documents which can be shared with teachers.

1) Go to
2) Sign in using your username and password
Directions: students have a username First Name 232 or some students have FirstNameLast Initial232. The temporary password was mem232 and from there students changed their passwords.

1) Go to :
2) Select Name from list on right
3) Click on your name and enter password mem#- students given #

Accelerated Reader:

Last Year's Entries: Biography Project Example due March 8th
RAZ Kids...How to log onto RAZ Kids!  Go to Click on box that says Student Login on right hand corner(look for parrot) Enter in teacher name: ssiegele Scroll down to find your name Student password is their LASID# (they all know this) All of these instructions including their LASID# is taped to the inside cover of their agenda book. Students are required to do 2 days of RAZ Kids for their homework. If they read all their assigned books and pass the comprehension quiz for each book, they can move up a level to new books. Link to edmodo:  Sign in using your username and password Directions: students have a username First Name Last Initial. Students have memorized their secret password used for all log ons. Link to our wall Link to our kidblogs: Directions: students click on link above and click on Log In. They press the arrow and scroll until they find their name and sign on using thier secret password (6 letters plus 2 #). Global Read Update

Ivan, Ruby, Stella, and Bob

We are well into our novel, The One and Only Ivan, and it is fantastic! The author, Katherine Applegate, has written a story from the point of view of Ivan, a gorilla living in captivity in a mall. By telling the story from Ivan's point of view, we are learning much more about animals, and the lives they lead in captivity or in the wild.
Our latest topic on edmodo today:
If you could save one of the characters, Ivan, Stella, Bob, or Ruby, which one would you save?
You will have to think about what the word "save" means. Does it mean sending them back to the wild? To a zoo? To allow them to roam the mall freely?
What do you think?